Favourite Characters -> Apollo Justice

"My Chords of Steel are nothing to laugh at!"


"Let it burn."

Queen of the Flame, by Rika Chan.

The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding


You think you’re going to be hip and teen forever and then suddenly you find yourself drinking red wine and playing board games and lusting after men with beards 


Fave Films: Airplane! (1980)


If the thought of Goethe/Schiller never crossed your mind I don’t know what kind of person you are

Weiterführendes Material:

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(RPF = Real Person Fic)


Oh it gets dark, it gets lonely
On the other side from you
I pine a lot, I find the lot
Falls through without you

AU where Jaime sings 'Wuthering Heights' outside Cersei’s window while doing an interpretive dance.


Because I love Simon Blackquill with all my heart, I dub today Simon Sunday!



I just thought everyone should know

that there is a German dessert called Spaghettieis

which is literally just ice cream made to look like spaghetti

they even put little heart wafers in it

You dunno how much I wanna try this! My german teacher always used to tell us about this awesome spaghetti ice cream they had in Germany! Hnnghhh gimme gimme gimme!


"Oh David you’re too big to carry around."

Of all the jobs Rose had had over the years since she started her little babysitting business, Idris’s kids were by far her favorites. Chris always insisted that, being 10, he was too old for a baby sitter but he’d always find his way into the living room and into their little games. Davie was a sweetheart but had a penchant for taking things apart. Rose had learned very quickly to keep any electronic devices and kitchen ware high and far from his reach when he was out of her site. Little Matty with his penchant for finding a new hat to wear every time she saw him was a quiet little four year old but she knew for all his quiet and some what clingy demeanor he was always getting into trouble and had a mischievous side hidden behind that adorable little face. 

Babus! I dunno. You should probably just take my tablet away from me. 

I just picture them all being really protective of her too, since their mom is always away at work and stuff. and and they have this little box fort/club house ala “Out of the Box” style that’s called the TARDIS and a little yellow power wheels car they call Bessie. and they the boys are almost always arguing over something or other but they all agree that they hate Rose’s boyfriend Jimmy.

No seriously stop me

Don’t worry, we’ll watch Henry when he gets back from the store.

Women’s Forestry Corps, UK 1918.